Water features in Denver, Colorado

Water features Denver, CO

Natural or modern water features are a serene and beautiful way to enjoy the outdoors in your own backyard!

Breathe Life into your Property with Amazing Water Features

Allow Colorado Custom Design Landscapes to Carve Out Your Paradise

The typical front and back yard is fairly predictable and pedestrian.  Homeowners generally struggle to find new ways to stand out and express their personality through their landscaping, and that’s understandable. That’s because most upgrades to your yard are simply adding plants, property add-ons, or objects, rather than completely transforming the land itself by introducing water features. There’s little that you can do for yourself without a wealth of experience… Or at least, little that’s going to look as good as professional landscaping.

Water can have a major impact on how your property is perceived. There’s something not just aesthetically pleasing about fountains and water features, but something that says comfortable livingLandscaping experts at Colorado Custom Design Landscapes know just how relaxing it is to be around water, whether it be a small pond or a luxury lagoon, complete with its own waterfall.  Not only that, but water is not just another pretty decoration for your property; it adds value to your home and overall comfort.

So before you set about digging up holes around your property to make a pond, waterfall or moat, take a look at some of our recommendations and guidance. We’d like to think that we have some expertise on the topic- at least 25 years of landscaping experience between us!

Beware of DIY Failures with water features Denver

Now, it may be tempting to consider taking on this big project on your own, but this is no ordinary landscaping job.  You need a good understanding on how to dig, fortify, and secure a body of water—making a mistake could result in a big mess, damage to your property, or possibly a health hazard. Because it’s not as simple as filling in a hole with water. First, the water will quickly drain away; you have to put something in the hole, like a tarpaulin or something similar, to stop it running off. But then, it’s not just as simple as filling that in with water either!

Maybe the greatest oversight we see people make is the disjointed way in dealing with projects.  Property holders start ventures, begin to clear spaces, put in a blend of vegetation, and continue without an arrangement. The outcome is a mess of plantings and patio nurseries that give the property a disordered vibe.  A professional landscaper always gives a cleaner look. Costs can easily balloon as mistakes are made or new modifications are planned.  Choosing a professionally arranged waterscape will lead to an excellent water feature project while staying inside an outlined spending plan. 

That’s why it is important you hire professionals who are trustworthy and experienced when it comes to creating water features that are both practical and worth your while. You could easily pay somebody a hundred dollars to dig a few holes in your yard, fill them in, and call it a day. But they’ll be making the same mistakes as amateurs who learned everything they know from YouTube and WikiHow. Stick with experience: contact us today, and we can tell you exactly what we can do for you!

Water features Denver

Water features don’t have to be ordinary. They can be lit up in bright orange, cascade around your whole yard in a loop, or be a vortex like this one. Don’t settle for ordinary. Charybdis, water feature in Savill… (C) David Hawgood :: Geograph Britain and Ireland : taken from – http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/4838753Author: David Hawgood http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/

Don’t Settle for Ordinary

Are you looking for that luxury feel, but can’t afford to move into a multi-million dollar home?  Are you looking to sell your home in the near future, but want to increase the value beyond what you originally paid for it? Aren’t we all. You can have all of this, and more, through Colorado Custom Design Landscapes. Our water features feel effortlessly natural and creative, but don’t place form over function. Anyone can dig a hole in the backyard, fill it with some water and plants, and then call it a pond.  It takes an experienced landscaper to envision something greater and really build something that stands through the test of time.

Just to pick a few examples out of the air, Colorado Custom Design Landscapes can design:

  1. A personal koi pond that will allow beautiful fish to flourish. Koi ponds are a relatively common back yard water feature. And so they should be! They’re a lovely, peaceful addition to any yard. Just don’t forget to name your fish. Koi ponds are a popular addition to any pond. It’s like having a little group of low maintenance pets… Which, really, is exactly what it is. Sitting outside and watching your happy fish swim around is a great way of unwinding and letting go of stress. 
  2. Water gardens that require little to no maintenance. If you’re still thinking of what you’d like your water features to be like, you’re also probably worried about the maintenance they’re going to require. On the one hand, everyone would love a wonderful cascading waterfall, a gently bubbling stream, a fountain and a pond in the middle of it all… But who would want to clean that? If you’re interested in water features, but not in maintenance, let us know- we can design you a special water garden where the filter takes care of almost everything for you.
  3. Pond-less creeks with constant-recycling water flowing over rocks. If you’re not interested in still water, and you’d rather have a bubbling brook to write poetry next to, then let us know. We can design you a water garden that emphasises movement and sound rather than stillness and serenity. That’s the flexibility that water features offer you!
  4. Remember, it’s not all about what you can see. It’s just as much about what you can’t. We can build a drainage system that’s both functional and aesthetically camouflaged, so that your water feature won’t overflow or become damaged by standing water. Standing water is a huge problem for the lawn and yard generally when you have a water feature. It’s like having your sprinklers water your lawn 24/7: not good. We told you that water features weren’t easy to DIY!
  5. But really, the combinations are limitless: if you can dream it, then it can be made into a reality!

Water features Denver: Eco-friendly and Sustainable Landscaping

Introducing a water feature to your property opens up the doors to a new eco-system, which isn’t something you should take lightly.  It is important to hire a reputable landscaper to ensure that you do not introduce new pests or microbes to your home. It’s simple: water attracts creatures. Those creatures might also like what’s in your trash can, or even your kitchen! So this is something that we think about whenever we design a water feature.

That’s why we offer a landscaping design service, and it’s why we recommend low-maintenance alternatives to common back yard features.  For example, instead of a standing pond, which needs fish or additives to prevent bacterial and/or mosquito breeding, you could opt for a pond-less water system that doesn’t allow stagnant water to offer opportunities for invaders to exploit your water features. This is something that we can discuss with you in greater detail once we know what you’d like!

Water features Denver

Water features can be equal part homely and equal part classy! Free photo: Garden, Deco, Sculpture, Fountain – Free Image on Pixabay – 1857119 : taken from – https://pixabay.com/en/garden-deco-sculpture-fountain-1857119/ https://creativecommons.org/licenses/publicdomain/

Water features Denver: Redefine the “Yard”

Colorado Custom Design Landscapes is more than just a landscaping company, it’s a place where trendsetters are born, property values soar, and sanctuaries are discovered. Well… That might be a little much, but you get what we’re trying to say. We don’t give you ordinary, we give you exceptional! So you don’t need to spend months on end trying to figure out how you’re going to pull off something as ambitious as you’ll find at Beyonce’s house. When you shrink things down to scale, custom water features can be affordable and accessible to anyone.

Water that isn’t just sitting in a pool is refreshing, exciting, relaxing, and natural.  When you look at the bland landscape of modern homes, all of us want something a little more personal and beautiful—so, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

Water Features Denver | Colorado Custom Design Landscapes

Water can have a major impact on how your property is perceived.