Retaining Walls in Denver, Colorado

Retaining Walls Denver, CO

Retaining walls are a great way to retain dirt, add style to water features and provide other benefits.

Bring Order to your Landscaping with Retaining Walls

Maximize your space and nail those first impressions!

Does your yard feel a lot smaller than it actually is due to inconsistency in the ground levels and/or vegetation?  Sure, having a natural and free-flowing yard looks good: but wouldn’t it be even better to create a little more space for yourself and your family? Well, retaining walls can do just that, by cutting into the earth and carving out a space for more patio, walkways, and any number of outdoor landscaping ideas!

Incorporating retaining walls into your landscaping design is relatively simple, but it can easily be overlooked in favor of other more popular and exciting options, like outdoor lighting, outdoor kitchens fire pits, water fountains, or landscaping and gardening.  With the help of the professionals at Colorado Custom Design Landscapes, you can both extend the overall area of your yard, as well as fill it with any of those awesome new features!

retaining walls Denver

Retaining walls can be made in a number of styles, including this awesome wooden retaining wall/planter combo.

Easy on the Eyes

For starters, retaining walls are a great way of livening up your yard. Not only do they allow you to do some really interesting things like in the picture to the left (and the pictures below, for that matter) but they allow you to easily divide your front and back yards into sections.

This can mean clear paths to the backyard patio area, a cut into a nearby swing set, or side room of your home designated for home entertainment.  Even something as simple as a retaining wall that divides the front yard into two halves, with the middle leading to the front door, can really increase your curb appeal.

Retaining walls are tried and true landscaping tools that can and will raise overall property values.  Beautiful stone, wood, and even concrete walls add a personal touch that really stands out from the sea of flat, green yards.

Retaining walls Denver: Why make the effort?

Don’t get us wrong: retaining walls don’t just section off parts of your yard, they invite you to make the most of it. Take, for example, a yard that slopes upwards. It can be frustrating trying to impart any meaningful design on it. Why? Because it’s nice having an outdoor kitchen, but not if it’s at an angle! And if you have just one feature installed- say, a fountain- it’ll be at an angle that’s different to everything else.

It just doesn’t look that great. But having a retaining wall put in allows you to open up a swathe of space that wasn’t there before. Now, not only can you have your Jacuzzi, outdoor kitchen and fire pit, but they’re set against a retaining wall and the yard beyond. And that looks so much better!  Another popular use of retaining walls is to incorporate them into water features and creating artificial ponds for a little water garden

What a world of difference that short walls contouring a yard can make, not just aesthetically, but also functionally.  They help to prevent soil erosion, protecting your lawn and garden. They can be strategically placed to control rain water runoff, as well, so that certain areas in your yard or garden don’t receive too much water and flood.  Retaining walls even deter animals from trampling all over your plants and snooping around, digging holes in your delicate soil!

Quality retaining walls can also double as additional outdoor seating for family get-togethers. It all starts with getting the best materials and hiring landscapers who know how to get the job done right the first time.

Retaining walls Denver: they can be a DIY project, right?

Now, you might be thinking to yourself: anyone can stack a bunch of bricks, stones, or wood up to form a barricade as a DIY solution. And you know what? That’s the kind of thinking that’s going to get you into landscaping, constructing, building, and repairing. That’s how all of us got into what we do. But there’s a reason why you wouldn’t want an overeager teenager building your retaining wall- or anything else for that matter- and that’s because eagerness doesn’t always make up for lack of experience. At least, not in landscaping. Even a simple retaining wall can still fail under pressure. It’s always worth going pro.

The truth is that you’ll waste far more time and money trying to control the flow of water or avoid the dreaded wall bulge that is so common after a retaining wall has been pushed by the plants and soil over time. These problems plague almost every single DIY attempt at building a retaining wall. Really, we only recommend giving it a go yourself if you’ve worked in landscaping yourself; and even then, it might be worth having somebody to consult about the job!

Colorado Custom Design Landscapes specializes in engineering retaining walls so that they resist all the elements that play against an artificial wall: gravity, root systems, water, and human wear and tear. We make sure that your retaining wall, and any other landscaping that you have done besides, is going to be fit to withstand the tests of time.

Retaining walls Denver: Importance of Experienced Landscapers retaining walls Denver

Again, the humble, small retaining wall is more than meets the eye.  At only four feet tall, a retaining wall stretching the length of the driveway could be supporting over 20 tons of weight after a rainy day. Have you ever tried to support 20 tons of wet soil? It’s no easy task! A curved retaining wall is put under different amounts of pressure along the curve, so it presents a unique engineering challenge.

These strength requirements get even trickier when you start trying to do things like curve the wall down the middle of your property, and over varying elevations too. All of that adds up to a significant engineering problem. How these walls are constructed, laid, and what they’re made out of could mean the difference between a wall that lasts 2 years before buckling or one that outlasts the home itself.

Colorado Custom Design Landscapes are certified and well-recommended landscapers. We have over 25 years of landscaping experience between us, so we know that building a retaining wall isn’t as simple as stacking a couple of breeze blocks on top of one another. Wall-building is both science and art, meaning we can assist in any aspect of implementing a retaining wall, whether that’s the design, placement, preparation, water-management, or construction.

We guarantee that your retaining walls Denver will outlast your expectations and provide excellent irrigation, so you don’t have to stress about future flooding or saturation issues. We like to say that whatever we build should outlast even you, and we aim for that goal in everything we do, from water features to retaining walls. So elevate your landscaping, and take advantage of every square foot by installing retaining walls to create private little spaces for exotic plants, a place to chill with a plate full of barbecue, or a way to carve your own little place of zen.