Pavers in Denver, Colorado

Pavers Denver, CO

Pavers carry a lifetime warranty, are easy to maintain and are more durable than concrete. No cracking or breaking!

Paving the Way to a Better Home

Don’t let Uneven Surfaces Spoil your Landscape

Not to be confused with traditional concrete pavement, pavers are tiles or bricks that are made from concrete, which can mimic other hard materials.  This alternative to other more expensive materials is an absolute blessing for the landscaping community.  Suddenly, home owners can have their cake and eat it too without needing to afford a luxury budget to make their visions a reality.  Pavers aren’t just cheap knockoffs, they’re actually very reliable and strong solutions for homeowners.

Pavers are a favorite among Colorado Custom Design Landscapes customers because they outlast standard concrete by design.  The individual pieces of paved tiles can support more weight and thus will not crack over time.  As long as you hire an experienced paving landscaper to lay the foundation with precision, pavers will interlock for a steadier, more durable surface than most other materials. This means upkeep and repairs are unnecessary for many, many years.  In fact, our pavers come with a lifetime guarantee—how’s that for reliability?

Pavers Denver, CO

An experienced paver installation company can complete transform your patio.  Gone are the bland, flat, uninteresting patio floors: now you can personalize your patio with more flair and flexibility to better complement your landscape and furniture.  And, of course, driveways become a whole new opportunity to show off your artistic prowess, which just happens to increase the lifespan of it as well.

You should always choose a reputable and experienced company, like ourselves. Why? Because pavers, while they aren’t the easiest thing to put down wrong, will look ten times worse if there are a few mistakes here and there along the path they’re paving. With stepping stones, this doesn’t matter so much, because they’re supposed to look a little worn and rough around the edges. But if one of your pavers has snapped in half, or if the pattern’s wrong on one side, it’s going to stick out like a sore thumb! Cracked and badly installed pavers can also ruin the look of your patio or driveway. So pick a great contractor before you get started!

But let’s say you’ve already decided on the contractor you’re going to use- we hope that it’s us! What can pavers actually be used for, what should they be used for, and where are they a useless addition?

What can pavers be used for?

That’s why homeowners are constantly calling us to ask about having pavers installed. But what exactly are they good for? Can’t you just walk across the grass, after all? Well, it’s about far more than that. Pavers are obviously best known for literally paving the way between your patio and the other parts of your yard; but did you know that they’re great for driveways too?

Pavers Denver

Pavers Denver: Check these bad boys out! If your house is an old one, these old fashioned pavers would suit it down to the ground. Gratis fotografie: Utleggere, Fortau, Gangbro – Gratis bilde på Pixabay – 1696507 : taken from –

Pavers are deceptively simple, but on the scope of an entire driveway, their craftsmanship really pop. Check out the example to the left, for instance. These pavers are the kind that can give a driveway that old world, old fashioned look which will make your house really stand out. 

This is why you are starting to see pavers pop up more and more in business spaces and even replacing city lots. The example below is of just that, and shows off exactly how pavers make a space pop out. Just imagine the same lot if it was just plain asphalt. It wouldn’t look awful, but it most certainly wouldn’t look any different to a regular old lot. But replace your asphalt with pavers and you’ve got something that doesn’t just serve a purpose- it looks good, too.


Pavers Denver

Pavers Denver: This is just a regular parking lot, but it’s paved with pavers instead of asphalt. Isn’t it so much nicer? Pavers serve purpose by U.S. Air Force photo/Rob Bussard License CC by 2.0

Now, if pavers are perfect for driveways, then that makes them exceptional for walkways and porches.  You have plenty of flexibility in the ways you can create a customized path to your home, just by using pavers. This is the perfect solution for your home for a number of reasons.

First things first, materials like concrete can be more easily chipped and broken, and need replacing. The only way you can damage pavers is through dropping something exceptionally heavy on them- so try to avoid doing that, otherwise your patio will look like that first picture above.

Not only that, but broken stepping stones and other materials can cause a serious health hazard. You and your family are in danger of slipping or tripping over loose rock or stone, whereas pavers are designed to be uniform and safe underfoot. Pavers can support plenty of foot traffic, and won’t be easily broken apart by plant growth, so long as the pavers were laid by a professional contractor like ourselves.

Permeable Pavers Denver, CO

Now, we know that paving through a beautiful lawn can put the health of your soil at risk.  Imbalances in rainwater distribution or potential soil erosion can be disastrous.  Luckily, you can opt for permeable pavers, which allows water to soak through the ground properly, keeping your yard’s eco-system healthy.  Not only that, permeable pavers are also safer to walk across, creating a nearly dry surface, no matter how hard the rain is coming down.

Besides their innate ability to soak up water, permeable pavers can be used just like standard pavers.  Some homeowners even take things a step further by incorporating their irrigation system into their paved spaces to collect water to store or redirect it somewhere else.  This is becoming more and more common for some places in the country because runoff has turned into a real problem, due to all the concrete and overwhelmed retention ponds.  Some new home construction sites are even being mandated to utilize these types of pavers.

Pavers Denver

Pavers Denver: We’re a trusted contractor in the Denver area with over 25 years experience. So the job we do for you, we’re going to do right first time. And with our lifetime guarantee, our pavers should outlast you! Gratis fotografie: Utleggere, Street, Lane, Pierre – Gratis bilde på Pixabay – 1069468 : taken from –

A Trusted Source for Pavers Denver

They say that the most expensive landscaping job is the one you have to do twice.  DIY paving is not about whether you could do it by yourself, it’s whether you should. Do you have the experience with securing a proper foundation to lay pavers? Do you know where to find the best quality materials? 

You could easily pick up the tools and pavers you need from a store like Lowe’s, and you could definitely give it a shot. And hey, it might look great- at least for now! But without the experience and know-how, your DIY job won’t go the distance, whereas the landscaping job we do for you is going to last a lifetime.

Don’t bother playing the guessing game, just let us handle it here atColorado Custom Design Landscapes.  We specialize in shaping new landscapes and, are an experienced contractor in paver design and installation. The lifetime warranty that we offer as standard should speak for itself, but if it doesn’t you can check out all the beautiful work we have done in Denver. 

Learn how you can improve the quality of your outside curb appeal, while saving money in the long-term by not having to deal with expensive repairs or complications that come with other materials.  Contact us and we’ll help work on how you can improve the strength, integrity, and look of your patio, driveway, walkway, outdoor kitchen, and more with pavers.