Outdoor kitchens in Denver, Colorado

Outdoor kitchens Denver, CO

Built in grills, outdoor sinks, custom lighting, refrigerators, and a complete outside kitchen for relaxing or entertaining.

Turn your Backyard into the Place to Dine and Unwind

The Outdoor Kitchen is Where Chefs are Reborn

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to any yard. An outside kitchen extends your living space and enables you to cook, eat, and lounge without booking a reservation. Summer is the ideal opportunity for patio BBQ’s and flame broiling; yet an open air kitchen can to enable you to appreciate cooking outside past the early spring/fall months. Bringing inside kitchen plans to your open back yard is an incredible approach for bringing adaptability, value, and entertainment to your home.

The best outside kitchens are as practical as an indoor kitchen, as inviting as a lounge, and as engaging as a family room. An open air kitchen can be as straightforward as a barbecue, table, and seats, or as detailed as a completely furnished kitchen finished with modern appliances and seating. In spite of the fact that a basic and clear outside kitchen can be set up by a “DIY’er”, designing and installing a capable open air kitchen is best left to an expert like Colorado Custom Design Landscapes. With such a large number of various approaches to outside kitchens, planning the best kitchen for your family means setting aside a time to arrange for a FREE consultation and may also require clearance from the city.

Cooking in an Award-winning Backyard with outdoor kitchens Denver

Lots of planning is going to be needed, but you’ll have help from expert contractors at Colorado Custom Design Landscapes.  You can customise your outdoor kitchen however you like. Your kitchen can suit any number of styles, and any kind of budget. Start by listing the things you’ll want to see in your outside kitchen.

Numerous open air kitchens incorporate a flame broiler (gas or charcoal), a sink, and a little fridge. A few kitchens even incorporate machines like a brew tap, smokers, countertops, and microwaves, just to name a few. We buy machines that will endure both rain and sun. Stainless steel or earthenware appliances work awesome for every single climate condition, are exceptionally sturdy, and require low support.Some outside kitchens are additionally fitted with custom appliances to make the open air kitchen feel even more special. We can help you decide on the best products to buy and we assist in installation. 

A few sinks offer constrained use for snappy hand washes while others might be utilized for washing substantial amounts of debris. Our outdoor kitchens Denver are in compliance with electrical and plumbing codes. 

Gas fueled barbecues are a standard in the outside kitchen. We can also install outdoor firepits, pergolas, granite countertops, pizza ovens, grills and more. All these options can be customized with outdoor lighting packages. 

outdoor kitchens Denver

If you’re trying to save on price, your outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be much more than a simple BBQ, a table and some chairs!

But isn’t an outdoor kitchen going to be expensive?

We hear you. In fact, this is the main reason why most Americans don’t have an outdoor kitchen- well, anyone who doesn’t have a yard doesn’t have a choice, but you get what we mean. At the end of the day, you already have a kitchen inside, so having a brand new, purpose built kitchen built outside might seem a little redundant. And we’ll admit, the point of having an outdoor kitchen isn’t just to cook, but to entertain. But if you work with a contractor, your outdoor kitchen can be surprisingly cost effective. First things first, if your outdoor kitchen features a standalone oven and grill as part of your kitchen island, it doesn’t have to be plumbed in to the natural gas supply. Instead, it can use a small propane or gas tank, just like a BBQ.

Second, your outdoor kitchen can be made with a variety of materials, from stone and brick to wood. So you have plenty of options when it comes to how expensive your overall design is. And last, but not least, you also have a choice when it comes to the precise grill and the precise dining set you’d like. So you can go either upmarket or downmarket- or midmarket, if that’s a thing. You’re free to pick out a wonderful mahogany dining table fit for the Ritz, or a cheap and cheerful plastic set. These sorts of choices can make the difference between an overly expensive, and an affordable outdoor kitchen set.

Express Yourself with outdoor kitchens Denver

Having a professional landscaper on your side during the process opens up so many doors for custom ideas, and not just having a bare bones BBQ grill outside.  You decide the shape, size, and modern comforts you want to have at your outdoor kitchen.  If you want the best that money can buy, you can install custom lighting within the kitchen’s construction, so that you’re never handicapped as a chef or a guest when the sun sets (besides, that’s one of the best times to cook out anyways). 

You can really impress your guests by incorporating a nice fireplace to sit around, a pergola, or maybe even a nice water fountain to offer a nice outdoors touch. Of course, these options will push the price up, but if you’ve set aside money for your landscaping then that’s no trouble. At Colorado Custom Design Landscapes, you can consult with us on your precise needs- and if you’re planning on having a full scale remodel, you’ll get it cheaper through us than through the competition.

What about kitchen wizards?!

Chefs can really treat themselves with the options available at Colorado Custom Design Landscapes.  Not only will you have the standard appliances and incorporation of kitchen utensils, there is also gourmet features like an authentic pizza oven.  There’s nothing that says comfort food like a fresh, warm, homemade slice of pizza pie right out of the oven as you sit and stare up at the stars. 

Alternatively, you can make sure that your kitchen island is decked out with all the top quality pots, pans and utensils that you need to make things as simple as grilled cheese, and as complex as duck a l’orange. Now, nobody here at Colorado Custom Design Landscapes is that good in the kitchen- so we don’t actually know whether duck a l’orange is actually that complicated to make. But you get the idea.

And outdoor kitchens aren’t just great for cooking. They can even be the home remodeling job that really takes your property value to the next level. This is what we tell to all of our landscaping clients: whatever your job costs, it’s only coming back to you through your property value. If you have a cheap, shoddy job that’ll need replacing in the next five years? That’ll actually decrease your property value, since the potential new owners can easily see the lack of quality. But go through us? You’re making an investment.

Not only will you get out more often, but you’ll likely pull in plenty of friends, family, and neighbors when they realize you have a backyard kitchen that is more than just a grill on a patio. Cooking outdoors just feels natural.  Food even tastes better outdoors.  Maybe it’s the fresh air, possibly the great view, unspoiled by too much technology or man-made walls.  Colorado Custom Design Landscapes knows just how great it is to have a custom outdoor kitchens Denver; let us help you make your outdoor kitchen dreams a reality.

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