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Homeowners Deserve a Beautiful Residential Landscape Design Denver

Every homeowner wants to have a yard they can be proud of. After all, the yard- ideally- is where the family is going to be spending the majority of their time together! So it makes sense to spend some time fixing up your lawn, your patio and your walkways. Whether you live in a brand new home, or your house is a fixer-upper, it is worthwhile to hire a contractor who specializes in Denver landscape design.

Why? Because a landscaping contractor can either repair and improve what you already have, or dig up your yard and start again from scratch. It’s easy to dismiss landscaping as glorified lawn-mowing and flower arranging, but it’s so much more complicated than that! If you’re thinking of having an all-new design, here are just a few of the things you can have installed. Starting with…

Sprinkler Systems

One of the first things to consider is an automatic sprinkler system. It’s one of the first things that we can lay out in your yard, and it’s so useful, because you’ll know that the yard can be watered any time day or night. First, this means that you don’t have to water your yard by hand any more- all you have to do is trim it. But it also means that any time you go away on vacation, you can rest assured that you’re not coming home to a brown or yellowed lawn!

residential landscape design denver

Keep your yard looking fresh and green with a sprinkler system.

Invest in sprinkler systems Denver, CO and rest assured, the yard is going to look better than ever. They’re even great in the times of water restrictions, because they water finely and evenly. When you water your lawn with a hose, it’ll splash around unevenly, not to mention that it’ll waste precious water resources. But with a sprinkler system, your whole yard will be watered, and you’ll still have some to spare! Not bad for a cheap little system!


After the sprinkler system has been installed, it is time to think about the landscaping in Denver CO. Landscaping is something that has to be tackled very carefully. There are a hundred ways you could improve your yard, and there a thousand ways that you could do something wrong by mistake. So if there isn’t any obvious place you should start, why not check with the landscaping contractor and come up with a few different ideas? Of course, it is also possible to check out their website and even take a look at some other homes in the area. If you see something that looks nice, take note and share it with your landscaping contractor.

Carefully consider whether or not you would prefer traditional landscapes Denver, or if it would be better to have something a little more modern. Perhaps it would be helpful to have an outdoor kitchen area. We could go list every kind of project that we’ve worked on, bu the possibilities really are endless. So maybe you would like a nice private yard, protected by a high fence. Or perhaps you are interested in a fire pit, where you can light a fire, roast a marshmallow and enjoy a water feature in the background. Here are just a few detailed examples of what we could help you with:

Residential landscape design Denver

This is a great looking fire pit. But it’s those trees in the background which will be the star of the show in a few years!

Residential landscape design Denver: Tree planting

Now, it’s time to think about planting some trees. Think about what type of trees would be best. Some people prefer fruit trees while others are looking for something to supply a bit of shade. Either way, you probably want something that is going to grow quickly. Talk with the landscaping contractor to learn more about what type of tree will grow fast. It is also important to think about where the shade from the tree needs to be. This is something that the Denver landscape design professional can help you with. If you are hoping for some evening shade on the back patio, they will know exactly where to plant the tree so that everything works out.

Residential landscape design Denver

An outdoor kitchen, complete with fire pit.

Residential landscape design Denver: Outdoor lighting

Something else to consider is the idea of outdoor lighting. If you and the family are going to be spending a reasonable amount of time outside, outdoor lighting is a great idea- you can light up your fire pit, around a Jacuzzi, around an outdoor fireplace, or just along your patio. You can choose from underlights like in the example to the right, or even Christmas lights!

If you are interested in solar lights, the landscaping professional can install the solar lights wherever they need to be in order to light up the night when the family is outside. With solar lights- obviously- you don’t need to charge them or plug them in to mains electricity, which makes them a cost effective and simple to maintain solution.  Another benefit of outdoor lighting is the reality that it is going to keep unwanted visitors away.


Residential landscape design Denver

Planters are a great addition to the yard for a keen gardener.

Residential landscape design Denver: Planters

Planters are great way to add variety and beauty to any residential landscape design Denver. A planter can built up off the ground in variety of sizes, shapes and patterns. Planters can even be customized with lighting packages. That way, you can have them match everything else in your yard easily and with a minimum of cost.

Most planters are built up about 3′ off the ground, and hold beautiful plants, vegetable plants or flowers. So you can use them for decorative purposes, like lining a walkway or framing your back door with flowers, like in the example to the left. Or you could have them anywhere in your yard, and use them to grow fresh, organic fruit and vegetables throughout the year. If you’ve never tried actually growing anything in your garden before, take it from us: it always tastes better if you plant it, water it, and harvest it yourself!

Residential landscape design Denver: Custom designed fire pits

Fire pits Denver custom-outdoor-landscapes-firepit-outdoor-kitchen-denver

Gas fire pits can be designed to look like the real, wood burning variety. Or you could go wild with color and concept like this one!

Fire pits are exactly what they sound like! They’re like the kind of fire pit you’d find at a beach party, but tamed and kept in your back yard. We probably don’t need to tell you that they’re a great way of entertaining guests. But they’re also an amazing addition to your yard if you’re interested in relaxed family time, or intimate moments with a loved one.

Fire pits don’t have to be big, either. They can be made suitable for any sized yard, so long as you have room to sit around it! And you can choose between cost effective and cheap wooden fire pits, or more expensive but cleaner gas varieties. The choice is yours.

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It is crucial to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Otherwise, the landscaping is not going to look so good after a few years. Another benefit is the reality that landscaping can be quite a bit of work. It is a worthwhile investment to hire someone to come in and do the work. A residential landscape design Denver professional like Colorado Custom Design Landscapes has the heavy equipment tools which will help us revitalise your yard quicker and easier than the competition.

Of course, the residential landscape design Denver professionals at Colorado Custom Design Landscapes are available to come back on a regular basis to make sure everything is looking great. Its why all our products come with a 1 year warranty. It is good to know that the outside of the home or business can always look amazing even though you don’t have a lot of extra time to worry about these issues.

Set up an appointment today and learn more about the different landscaping options. Even if you already know what it should look like, it never hurts to talk with a professional. Sometimes, they may have an idea that is much better than anything you could have imagined. You are a hard worker. It makes sense to be able to take pride in being a homeowner. Rather than having an old rundown yard, hire someone to come in, give it a makeover and sit back and relax in a comfortable environment. Imagine sitting on the back patio drinking a cold drink and watching the sun go down. This is the perfect way to end a long day at the office.

If your landscaping is near a place of business, it is very important to hire someone who understands residential landscape design Denver. They know what needs to be done to make your place of business look inviting. This is very important when it comes to new customers. Talk with the landscaping contractor about a water feature of some sort. With a little bit of help from a professional, the end result is going to be immaculate. The sky is the limit when it comes to landscaping. Hire someone to help out and know that the result is going to be amazing.

Residential Landscape Design Denver

Homeowners Deserve a Beautiful Residential Landscape Design Denver Every homeowner wants to have a yard they can be proud of. After all, the yard- ideally- is where the family is going to be spending a lot of time.