Fire pits in Denver, Colorado

Fire Pits Denver, Colorado

Our fire pits are a great way to entertain or relax. Wood or gas fire pits available. Customize your own by contacting us.

Gather Everyone Around the Fire Pit at Home

fire pits denver

Fire pits are an excellent addition to any yard. They keep you warm in the winter, help you entertain in the summer, and look great all year long! Beach Fire Pit | The fire pit at Dockweiler beach | Ricardo Diaz | Flickr : taken from – Ricardo Diaz

How to Turn the Heat Up and Create Memories in your Back Yard

More and more homeowners are looking for ways to spice up their backyard and bring the outdoor festival life to their homes.  One of these ways is by introducing a centerpiece where people can gather around, especially in the colder days, like the installation of a fire pit. 

We’re not talking about your grandfather’s fire pit, where you’d just dig up a hole in the ground and toss some timber in to light on fire—we mean a legit fire pit that looks like something you’d find at a luxury theme park resort. These things are big and powerful, and let you get a real roaring fire going,

Nowadays, fire pits in Denver for the back yard are very accessible and they come in two popular forms: wood and gas fueled fire pits.  They each come with their own set of pros and cons, ultimately coming down to which one fits your needs and the setup of your backyard, of course.  Colorado Custom Design Landscapes is here to break it down for you and show you the potentials of owning your very own fire pit at home.

Fire pits Denver: Why choose a fire pit?

Regardless of the type of fire pit you choose, it will no doubt change the landscape and traffic of your home.  The first thing that you’ll probably think of is that having a fire pit is perfect for a gathering of friends, or family. And it is! You can sit out in the yard, even during the fall and winter, and get cozy and warm together. Laugh, cry, share food, and create memories with those around you by installing your own fire pit.  People can’t help but be drawn to the warmth and calming forces of fire!

But fire pits are also great for a meditative experience alone, or an intimate night with someone you love. They set the mood better than almost anything else, and are a better romantic option than a Jacuzzi- they’re so cliche.

Having a fire pit installed can really transform your outdoor living space and greatly increase the overall value of your home; these are the types of features that life is made of.  Let Colorado Custom Design Landscapes shape your fire pit and and make your family and friends smile more while enjoying the great outdoor air at any time during the year.

Fire pits Denver

Wood is easy to find, easy to burn, and fuels a fire for a surprisingly long time. If you’d like to get back to nature, we recommend a wood fire pit! Free stock photo of pattern, texture, tree : taken from –

Wood Fire Pits Denver

When most people think of a fire pit, they picture the classic wood-filled fire pit.  It’s simple, it’s homely, and it’s comforting. The crackling of the wood, the smell of different timber, and the overall aesthetic is hard to match. That’s what has made wooden fire pits and fireplaces the go-to choice for decades, even with competition from propane and natural gas. Wood fire pits are also notably larger than other fire pits.  This can be a mixed bag, for some. While larger fires look more impressive, it might be unnecessary for those who just want an intimate space to cozy up to.

This is not only the most natural solution, it is also very affordable. Wood is a plentiful resource, which you can source easily for yourself at prices that are surprisingly cheap. Not only that, but installation is far cheaper too, since your landscaper won’t have to worry about gas lines. Although we were badmouthing your granddad’s fire pit earlier, wood fire pits are still basically the same today as they were back in his day. They just look better!

Wood fire pits aren’t for everyone: they can generate a lot of smoke, which can linger and get trapped in clothes and outdoor furniture.  A further consideration with wood is that you need to keep feeding it to your fire pit, meaning you either chop it up or keep replenishing a stock, which can be annoying and expensive, for some.  You also need to store the wood properly in order to avoid termites or pests from invading/making a nest.

Last, but not least is that not all neighborhoods approve of wood-burning fire pits, as they may see it as a disturbance to the residents nearby or as a danger. Check with local law enforcement to ensure you can install fire pit.

Gas Fire Pits Denver

If you could eliminate all the mess and fuss from wood fire pits, while keeping the actual functionality of the fire pit, you might be thinking about getting a gas-powered one instead.  They’ve certainly made their presence known in the custom landscaping industry over recent years.  No mess, no fuss, and no more maintenance of wood.  Gas fire pits just require a lighter and a tank for fuel, and that’s it. No more struggling with kindling or firelighters, or trying your darndest to get a damp piece of wood to catch fire. Gas fire pits can be designed to look like the real, wood burning variety. Or you could go wild with color and concepts!

With a gas fire pit, you turn the valve and light it, the fire pit is instantly lit, so you can start toasting those marshmallows without delay. You get all the warmth of a wood fire, with none of the hassle. And if you’ve never seen one before, don’t imagine that you’ll be sat around something that looks like a Bunsen burner or a pilot light. Gas fire pits are designed to look like real wood or coal.

Now, the convenience isn’t without its price, of course.  You’ll be paying more for a gas fire pit to be built and maintained. Propane or natural gas isn’t unusually expensive to burn- after all, it’s what typically powers your furnace or boiler. But installation is more complex because of the need to connect the pit to a gas source, and just like a furnace, your pit will need more maintenance than if it just burned wood. But at least you know you’ll be getting it done right with Colorado Custom Design Landscapes.

Gas fire pits are the only viable choice for those who have asthma or sensitivities to smoke.  The biggest cons are the limited scope of fires and lack of wood-burning crackles or choice of wood scents that bring you closer to nature.

Fire pits Denver: A Valuable Backyard Add-on

Just because fire pits are a great way of entertaining, that’s not the only reason you should have one. Having a fire pit installed is a great way of increasing the value of your home, by adding in a fantastic but unfortunately uncommon addition to your yard.

Not everybody has a fire pit. There won’t be more than one or two in your neighborhood. So having one installed makes your yard, and your house, stand out. Not only will you be enticing your friends and family to your home with your cozy new fire pit, but you’ll be adding significant value to your house’s price tag. So any money that you spend is going to make it’s way right back to you! Not bad, huh?

Fire pits Denver by Colorado Custom Design Landscapes

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