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Concrete Denver, Colorado

Our stamped, and patterned concrete can enhance driveways, patios and sidewalks.

Concrete is one of the Best Tools to Landscape with

Affordable, Durable, and Versatile Colorado Custom Design Landscapes

If you live in Colorado, we don’t need to tell you that temperature swings are guaranteed, no matter the time of year. That is one reason why reliable landscapers like ourselves are sought after. The constantly changing weather can really damage any surface that is not made with quality materials and strong foundations, because the temperature changes can cause materials to warp and crack. Once water can seep in, whatever it is you’ve built won’t last much longer! That’s why good quality workmanship is so highly valued.

Cement is one of our most popular materials to work with, which is the reason we are one of the busiest landscapers in Denver. Cement is a material that can impact your landscaping for the better, and change a dull space, carport, divider, or custom build into something amazing! Concrete is an affordable material that allows homeowners more opportunity to personalize their outdoor living spaces without needing to take out a second mortgage. Not only that, but it’s durable enough that when done right, it should last a lifetime.

With our immense experience working on projects both large and small, we’ve developed a wide range of porches, concrete garages, patterned walkways, retainers, and countless custom backyard environments. So no matter what project you have in mind, we’re easily the best working with concrete in Denver. Our landscaping can incorporate stamping, demolition and repair, reinforcing, and sealing all in 1 project to give you the yard you’ve always wanted.

Concrete Denver

All of our concrete, both regular and stamped, comes with rebar or mesh as standard. That’s why all of our projects should last a lifetime! Free photo: Iron, Steel For Construction, Rebar – Free Image on Pixabay – 2104572 : taken from –

Out with the Old, In with the New Concrete Denver

At Colorado Custom Design Landscapes, we are ready either to remove your old concrete, repair it with our expertise, or replace it with something new. As part of concrete installation, we set the forms, repair the ground, tamp the ground, and ensure all levels are correct. This complete and comprehensive process is meant to produce only the best landscaping features and design.

Our procedure begins with expelling or unearthing the ground that will be replaced. Part of this process may include demolition and expulsion of existing black-top, or misc. trash and leftover materials. We are able to reduce any instances of contaminated cement from previous work that may impact soil quality. Our projects are built to last, which means that sometimes we have to use our expertise to correct the work of other concrete Denver contractors too!

A solid base is then put down and inspected. The structural frame is then set and the base is layered to guarantee a 4″ thickness for walkways and porches. For carports we utilize a 5″ thickness or more, if necessary. Our expertise tells us that this is just the right amount: any more would be redundant, and any less would result in the risk of cracking. That’s how we balance quality with financial concerns, so that we can be your complete landscaping and concrete Denver solution.

All our concrete includes wire mesh/rebar to guarantee strength. Once the base is set and the forms are upright, we put down rebar in a crisscross set and lay down re-mesh to guarantee stability. At that point we pour the concrete, then we will continue to do touch-up work and give it a nice texture for footing as the final concrete is set. This means that everything we put down is going to be the perfect mix of strength and elegance, to give your yard a great look that will last for years.

We also seal the concrete.  You can choose from different patterns or colors for the seal. Sealing concrete comes with stamped concrete projects. This should stop water from seeping into the concrete and weakening it, and should stop weeds and grasses from colonising any cracks which would have appeared otherwise.

Concrete Denver

Stamped concrete is a great way of adding flair to your project, while trying not to go over budget! File:Stampedconcrete.JPG – Wikimedia Commons : taken from –

Stamped Concrete vs. Normal Concrete

Stamped concrete has some unmistakable points of benefit when contrasted with normal cement. The fundamental difference with stamped cement is the wide array of hues and designs. That’s what’s so great about stamped concrete: you can make it look like brick, tile or even wood! That way, you can keep the cost of your design cheap, but still have the same great look. That’s why we offer stamped concrete landscaping across the Denver area.

Certainly, stamped concrete looks significantly more impressive than old brushed or flat, gray cement. That’s why the cost is commonly around twice that of a normal kind of concrete job. In any case, the additional cost is definitely justified because of the versatility and style of stamped concrete as compared to normal concrete. Besides, having your yard landscaped isn’t an expense, it’s an investment: you’re adding to your house value with every feature you have installed. So in the long run, the money is coming back to you.

Sadly, all concrete erodes and cracks after a number of years. It’s inescapable, because concrete is defective by nature. So the question is how long it will last before imperfections show up. One thing you can do to ensure you get a long-lasting concrete is by having experienced landscapers lay it down over a clean foundation and reinforced with wire rebar. You should settle for nothing less than our work standards when installing concrete.

Denver Concrete

Looks like flagstones, right? Wrong! It’s actually stamped concrete! You get the look, but only a fraction of the cost. Creative Commons Angola – Crooked Lake Stamped Concrete Recolor & Seal by Decorative Concrete licensed under CC BY 2.0

Stamped Concrete Benefits

Stamped cement is an exceptionally flexible material; it is most usually utilized for porches, hardscapes and garages. Stamped cement is likewise an ideal material to use around a patio in light of its toughness, versatility, and and style. Why do we say style? Because you can color, texture and pattern it however you like. The most common choices are to have your stamped concrete resemble flagstone or brick, but it can even be tailored to look like wood. So whatever project you’re working on, you can have stamped concrete to match!

Stamped concrete will hold up for a considerable length of time and look beautiful for years, even with ordinary designs. In the event that you add a stain to your stamped concrete, applying a sealant coat on top will help the color keep its vibrancy. And general household cleaning techniques won’t ruin the concrete or the stain. So with stamped concrete, you get all the hard-wearing benefits of concrete… But it doesn’t have to be dull and grey!

Enhance your property with concrete Denver!

If you want to preserve that new house-look, then you’re going to need to get the best concrete Denver contractors to make sure the job gets done right.  Incorporating a stamped concrete driveway can impress anyone looking through your neighborhood.  Experience has taught us that while concrete can be very affordable, it is best not to treat it like a cheap fix for any problems you have with your landscaping.  Don’t pave over ugly; remove it, renovate it, and add your own personal touch with stamped concrete.

That’s what we’re good for. We can remove old and shoddy driveways, patios and more, and replace them with new but affordable concrete. Having landscaping done doesn’t have to cost a lot when you use concrete, which is generally cheap compared to the other options. Not only that, but it will last a lot longer, especially if you have it installed through us. With us as your landscapers, you can’t go wrong!

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